‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Some major moves ahead

There is going to be quite a bit of drama that unfolds on “Dexter” this season, and based on what we are seeing now, it looks as though producers are really not too interested in making us wait for some major movement when it comes to any of our characters.

Want a fine example of that? According to a new report from Entertainment Weekly, two of the following three things are going to happen within the next new episode: he will either kill again, get out of his current living arrangement with Deb, or figure out away to really take care of Louis once and for all. When it comes to the latter, we already know that Josh Cooke’s character has no intention of leaving him alone despite some of the warnings otherwise, and we don’t really have a feeling that Dexter injecting him and even abandoning him out in the middle of nowhere on a bench is going to convince him to stop. Really, we don’t see what would have been so wrong with Dexter just trying to be the guy’s friend, but we do also understand that the guy looks as though he is much more suspicious about our leading man than just being upset over a video game that he had ridiculed.

As for Dexter living at his sister’s place, we almost wish it doesn’t end as long as producers find a better solution to the Harrison problem. It’s interesting watching to see just how Dexter is going to continue doing just what he needs to in order to fuel his need, even when it is something that he clearly does not need to be fueling at all in the mind of Deb.

What do you think is going to happen to Dexter this coming episode?

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