Outlander season 5 production tease coming before The Spanish Princess

OutlanderAre you interested in seeing a production tease for Outlander season 5? Starz is apparently handing down a gift come Sunday night … provided that you’re watching at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Today, the network announced that this teaser is coming before the launch of their new limited series The Spanish Princess, a promotional move that, in our mind, makes all the sense in the world. Why wouldn’t they want to promote one of their new series by reminding you of one of their most successful series? They also may have similar audiences, at least in the mind of the network. Both are historical dramas, though one is obviously based in a little more fact than the other.

What we imagine this tease showing you is a small glimpse into what the cast and crew are currently working on in Scotland as they continue work on the latest batch of episodes. Even though production’s only about a month in, they probably do have at least a good depiction of life around Fraser’s Ridge in the can already. Also, many a notable cast member have already been on set. This is, effectively, the best thing that they can do to promote the upcoming season when you consider the fact that it’s far too early to show much in the way of tangible footage from the show itself, and season 5 is also probably not premiering this year.

Basically, consider this Starz trying to do some smart marketing and convince people to check out the network to get another teaser for a show that they love. It’s brilliant, really. As of right now, the network hasn’t said if the teaser will be up early for those who want to watch The White Princess via the app … but for those who are banking on that, we’re not sure that we would. This may be a case of just making it for the linear network only so do not rule out any possibility.

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What sort of teases will we get beyond this?

If we’re lucky, maybe Starz will release something more following the Spanish Princess finale, but we don’t anticipate that they are going to be dropping all that much in the way of content leading up to that point — or really even over the summer when it ends. If this year is anywhere near like last year, there will probably be some sort of enormous gap where we don’t get all that much in the way of show-related content at all and we’re just going to be stuck speculating as to whatever sort of wondrous things are happening in Scotland. Season 5 will be political, it will be intense, and by the end of the season, life for the Frasers could be very different than it is right now. We’re building towards revolution and the end of this season should adequately set a foundation.

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Now, we want to know from you!

What do you want to see in an official Outlander season 5 production tease featuring the cast? Share in the comments, and have no fear — we will be around this weekend to give you a little bit more coverage on the subject. (Photo: Starz.)


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