Big Brother Canada 7 interview: Mark Drelich on eviction, Pretty Boys, and game regret

MarkLast night on Big Brother Canada 7Mark Drelich became the first member of the Pretty Boys to be evicted from the game and in a lot of ways, it was not what we originally expected. It seemed as though Dane Rupert was the more threatening target of the two on the block, but some thinking by Anthony (plus some campaigning by Dane) caused the focus to shift.

So why did this happen in Mark’s mind? We go over some of that in this week’s exit interview, alongside how he’s feeling about his game, and whether or not there is any one thing that he would change in retrospect.

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CarterMatt – How are you feeling about finishing in fifth place?

Mark – I feel like I fell far short of where I wanted to go, but I’m still going to hold my head up high for what myself and the Pretty Boys wanted to accomplish this season and the legacy that we created throughout.

Did being a part of the show live up to your expectations?

You know what? Yes and no. Whatever I expected Big Brother to be, it was not. I expected to go in and it was going to be very rigid and standard and exactly like you watch it. When you get in there, though, it is nothing like you expect and you have SO much free time. You almost turn into a different person. Being a superfan of the show, I was like ‘wow, this is not what I watch on TV.’ When you watch and you’re like ‘I can make decisions and everything’s all good.’ But, when you’re stuck in there for hours and all you have is time, time is the most dangerous thing in there.

If you had to take one person in the Pretty Boys to the end, who would it be?

I would probably take Anthony. I’ve won more HoHs than Anthony has (laughs). I would have a hard time playing against him because he has an incredible social game and he’s never even touched the block, but I think the jury would understand that I’ve played a bit more of a social game, as well, given that I was on the block and had to finesse my way out of it.

Is there anyone you feel especially betrayed by at this moment?

Not really. I kinda had a feeling that Anthony would vote this way about halfway through the week. His mannerisms towards me and the way he was acting slowly started to change throughout the week. It makes more sense for Anthony to go and keep Dane in this game, because Dane will act as a shield towards him. I don’t feel betrayed — I do feel a bit let down, but Anthony is always going to put Anthony first.

If you had campaigned more throughout the week, what would your primary argument have been?

Realistically, my only real shot, after Anthony realized that Dane was a better shot for him to stay in the house, would be to go to Adam and be like ‘everyone is gunning for you next week, including myself. You know that, I know that — all of Canada knows that. Would you rather Dane, who has a better shot of winning HoH, gun for you, or me, someone who has less of a shot? Obviously, you want Dane out.’

The problem is, I would have to go to Kyra and do the contradictory version of that and [talk about] how great it would be to stay in the game and be the one to take Adam out. When y

How confident were you in your ability to win the final competitions of the season?

I was feeling pretty good! They were probably mental comps and I feel like I could’ve had them. The thing that I struggle with is the time pressure. In We Need An Answer, it was the buzzer — having to buzz in just throws me off.

If you could go back and change one thing about your experience, what would it be?

I would definitely want to create a better social game when it comes to open conversations. What I’d done all season was one-on-one conversations with a lot of people. It worked really well, but it was also rather suspicious. [People may have been like] ‘why is Mark not talking to a group of people? Why does he only talk to one person at a time?’ My goal should’ve been to create group conversations insofar making another group alliance, just in case the Pretty Boys don’t work out, I always got some side action going on.

What are you most looking forward to doing after the season is over?

Some R&R. Rest and relaxation. It was a very intense season. I obviously do want to answer all of the fan questions and there will be a platform for that, but I do need a bit of rest, as well.

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