Is The Orville new tonight on Fox? Charting the path ahead

OrvilleIs The Orville new tonight on Fox? Given that this is Thursday, we find ourselves with an immense craving to explore new worlds — to venture out aboard a ship and see where our imagination takes us. Along the way, there will be relationship issues and a few hijinks, but with every hour comes entertainment and often, a message. The Orville is a show that frequently packs more good stuff in than just about any other show out there on TV.

Unfortunately, the ship’s being docked for the time being — we just need to hope that the docking is not permanent. There is no episode tonight, largely because there are no episodes for the remainder of the season. Last week’s “The Road Not Taken” was the final voyage for The Orville this season and on the other side of that, we’re now in a holding pattern for season 3 that is agonizing and chock full of uncertainty.

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At the moment, here’s what we know — there’s a dedicated legion of people out there who want to see a season 3 happen. That includes some of the dedicated people on board the show itself. We foresee a real movement continuing over the next week and a half to try to make something happen; hopefully, Fox will just do the right thing and bring this show back for another journey.

We suppose the larger question we’re wondering for now is simply this: If Fox knew that they were going to devote all of January through April on Thursdays to a single hour of The Orville, why didn’t they try to order another episode or two so they could get it into May sweeps for that all important ratings dog and pony show? We recognize that this is not the easiest show in the world to do in terms of post-production and getting all of the finer pieces of it together, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’ve had a lot of surprisingly wasted weeks on Fox’s schedule where they probably could have given us some sort of new installment and instead, offered up nothing. (Another alternative could have been them opting to just schedule another show in the spring and do a straight run of Orville all season long.)

Anyhow, we suppose that the longest that Fox will make us wait for more news on if we are getting a season 3 is the middle of May, which is around when upfronts happen. There’s really no reason for them to push things past that unless they are really dragging their feet on this. They have to figure out what the budget would be, how many episodes they want, and also where it would fit on a schedule with less and less room. We understand it’s not an easy decision with some shows, but even with ratings that are so-so at best, hasn’t The Orville really proved itself at this point?

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