Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 23 review: DeLuca, Meredith, & 3 words

Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 6Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 23 technically did kick off a crossover event with Station 19, but after watching it, doesn’t it feel like that is a little bit over-hyped?

Much of the Station 19 part of the story revolved around Fire Captain Lucas Ripley, who was brought to the Grey Sloan by Levi, who immediately then did everything within his power to help him. Maybe under ordinary circumstances, Lucas would have been a tad more accommodating to listening to the doctors’ requests, but he was not of his right mind. He was corrupted and tormented by a vision that was giving him pause, one of Vic being unresponsive and not wanting to answer his calls. Maybe, at first, he thought that this was symptomatic of some recent discord between them, but as the episode went along, it became increasingly clear that there could be something else at play here — something that could have some longer-lasting repercussions.

Basically, the Station 19 part of the story ended with Lucas making a mad dash out of the hospital, presumably to find Vic, while everyone else wonders why in the world he did that. He’s clearly not ready to be out in the wild again and he, easily, could collapse and find himself right back there — but in even worse shape.

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What Meredith learns

That DeLuca loves her. We’re not going to sit here and proclaim that this is the most jaw-dropping reveal in the world … and nor will we say that about her response. We almost wish that she had just said “I’m not sure that I’m there yet” to him than trying to find a way to dance out of it and leave, given that the whole person-says-I-love-you storyline has been played out on about a hundred different shows already in the past several years.

We’ve been down this road — someone will run away, think about it, and often opt to say it back. We’re not in a place where we think that Meredith doesn’t love DeLuca in some form, but she may not be all the way there. If she’s going to end things with him, it can’t just be for the sake of “oh, I don’t want to make a commitment.” She already told her kids about him, and that in itself firmly qualifies for making-a-commitment status. That’s not the sort of thing that you can easily dismiss since if the relationship doesn’t work out, you have to tell the kids and hope that they aren’t too attached to him.

What Owen decides

Breaking news — Owen’s actually made a decision! The question here is rather simple: Who did he choose? Who does he want to be with? We saw him proclaim in therapy that he has a little bit more clarity on what he wants, but Owen’s problem is that just because he wants something doesn’t mean the other person involved does. You can make a case for it being Teddy, but Koracick just found her a new apartment! Or, you can argue that it’s Amelia, but she seems at least fairly happy in her relationship with Owen.

As for Maggie, she made a decision of her own: She is ready to move in with Jackson! It’s nice that there is at least some sort of clue out there now about what’s coming for the two of them, given that this story’s been on the back burner for the better part of this season. There hasn’t been any hurry to rush the narrative along so really, we’ve just had to take whatever we can get when it comes to little details being pushed in our direction.

The bad news

For Jo, it’s that her mistake may end up having dramatic consequences … and it does certainly make you wonder whether or not she’s really ready to be back in the hospital. Meredith herself tried to make a risky move with her insurance that could have caused her to lose her license — she was so desperate to help a young, immigrant child who needed it that she’d do anything to keep them from being deported. This was what inspired DeLuca to even say “I love you” in the first place, and the border-separation part of this story is another reminder that in its current era, Grey’s Anatomy is doing what it can to look at some issues happening around the world.

CarterMatt Verdict

Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 23 was another great look into the world of some of these characters, but tonight what stood out the most were the emotional realizations scattered throughout. It’s about how much you want to fight someone, whether it be a person who you hardly know or the person you love more than anyone. These stories are inspiring, but we’re not feeling like there’s just a constant array of sunshine heading these characters’ way moving forward.

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