Outlander season 5 filming update: Who’s back on set now?

OutlanderWe’ve gotten close to a month into Outlander season 5 filming at this point and now, we have news on another returning familiar face.

In a new post on Twitter, Tim Downie has confirmed that Governor Tryon is officially back on set, and he’s done it really in the way that everyone should — by changing the lyrics of Eminem’s “Without Me” to something a bit more appropriate for his character. This is silly, but it’s also entertaining and worthy of a big smile — with a show like this with so much consistent secrecy, you really have to take whatever little reveal that you can get.

As for the timing of Tryon’s return, odds are that this is a signal you will see the character back within the first couple of episodes — while Outlander does frequently film out of order, they often do film blocks of a couple of episodes at once. Typically, they don’t film a scene from episode 8 concurrently with stuff from episodes 1 and 2.

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There is also a pretty compelling reason to focus on Tryon in the early going on season 5 — just think in terms of how season 4 ended! With the show delivering an uber-cliffhanger of sorts with Tryon’s orders for Jamie to seek out the Regulators, this is going to be a significant source of tension moving forward. In many ways, it really has to be. This is what could drive forward the story of a revolution that is prevalent throughout The Fiery Cross, and it sets up Jamie’s central struggle. Does he do what he can in order to help out Murtagh, or does he do what he can in order to ensure that the British Army and the Governor are placated? It’s a tricky line that he has to walk!

If we were Jamie, what we would do in this situation is tread carefully and do whatever possible to ensure that A) the British are happy and B) nothing happens to Murtagh. You gotta kick this can down the road as far as you can! Jamie may be a physical force, but he can’t take out a British Army with guns with just his family as soldiers at his side. He needs time, and he’ll probably benefit from the British eventually having so many other things to worry about. We’d wait until there are conflicts aplenty before making a stance is known, mostly so that it creates an escape plan that is both a) more viable and b) also more realistic.

Every good story needs its fair share of villains and entering Outlander season 5, there certainly are plenty. Tryon is the person who could threaten the entire Fraser family’s future in a public sense, though other threats will emerge from both the present and potentially the past. While Jamie and Claire have a beautiful new life for themselves, having a new life rarely ever equals having a peaceful life. There’s a reasonably good chance that problems will still turn up to find them.

What are you hoping to see the most when it comes to Governor Tryon and Jamie’s quest on Outlander season 5? Be sure to share right now in the comments! (Photo: Starz.)

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