Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 11 review: Is this Rick Devens’ last stand?


On Survivorthe family visit can lift you up or tear you right out of the game. In our view, this is the one challenge you don’t want to win. Why do that? While you absolutely do want to see your loved ones, you don’t want to be the one who rips the family visit away from someone else.

The very moment that Ron won the reward challenge, he faced a really difficult decision — he ended up taking Julie (his longtime ally) and then also Gavin, who just got married right before the game. The picks made a lot of sense and on the surface, we don’t actually think that they will get him in trouble with anyone else. His arrogant attitude about some of them, however, is an entirely different story.

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At the start of the episode, Ron decided that he wanted to try and punk Devens by giving him his old Advantage Menu, thinking that it would make him a little bit complacent. Ironically, it was that plus Aurora digging through his bag that actually did make him a little more ambitious in his search for the real idol. Before the immunity challenge, he found it! It was located up in a tree above camp, so it’s not exactly in the “oh, that’s easy to get” category. It’s more in the category of “how in the world can I get this,” so he had to wait until nightfall … but he was able to get it! (How in the world do these people never wake up on this sort of stuff?)

Preparing for the drama

After the immunity challenge, there actually was a good bit of drama — but it was mostly about the split vote. Everyone wanted an insurance policy in case Devens played an immunity idol — which he was bound to. Our feeling was that he could play Ron’s advantage, but when he realizes that it’s fake, he will probably use his actual idol.

Aurora, in the end, decided to make a big play to Gavin — giving Gavin this time the extra vote! She did this to Ron earlier this season but tonight, it makes sense. Gavin has immunity and with that, he’s guaranteed to re-vote if the situation calls for it! It mostly just comes down to whether or not he’s going to vote Aurora’s suggested way and get out Ron, who just gave him one of the best days of his life with the family visit.

The actual drama

At Tribal Council tonight, Devens just sat back and enjoyed the show, knowing that he had at least one advantage and another potentially in his pocket. For the first time, Ron started to sense that he could be in danger over his family visit and the people he didn’t take — i.e. why it’s a TERRIBLE move to win the family visit challenge. People get salty over it and they should; you’re talking about real life here!

We had a feeling that this was gonna be a messy tribal just based on when everyone decided to cast their votes — there was a lot of time left still! Devens did play Ron’s advantage, but when that didn’t work, he played his own idol! The entire saga tonight caused all sorts of drama and, in the end, Ron was voted out. This was as epic of a Tribal conclusion as we could’ve seen, and Ron was in the end left with egg on his face.

CarterMatt Verdict

For the record, we do think that Rick wasn’t as bitter towards Ron as it showed at Tribal — this was probably just him making great theater for the sake of the jury and making him look bad in the process. Still, most of the episode built towards that moment, and while Devens is probably still dead man walking, at least he gave us this episode!

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