FBI episode 21 preview: The last before big finale

FBI episode 21Where are things going entering FBI episode 21? We should start things off here by nothing, of course, that the finale is right on the other side of the horizon.

Of course, it would be wonderful if this show ever does end up getting those full 24-episode seasons that NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans, but for now, let’s just be satisfied with what we’ve got … shall we? Through these final two episodes, you’re going to have a chance to see a little bit more in terms of Maggie’s relationships, both present and past. In episode 21, you’re going to have a chance to explore an important friendship to her. Meanwhile, in the finale what transpired with her husband is going to take center stage. These two stories are going to paint, most likely, a powerful picture and get everyone all the more invested — something that is obviously important given that we’re nearing a big hiatus. For almost any show out there, one of the biggest challenges is finding a way in order to get people hooked from the end of one season leading all the way over into the start of the new one.

Below, CarterMatt offers up the official FBI episode 21 synopsis with some more news when it comes to what’s ahead:

“Appearances” – After a decorated FBI agent is murdered, the team investigates and uncovers the man led a double life. Also, Maggie struggles with what information she should reveal to the agent’s widow, who is also her personal friend, on FBI, Tuesday, May 7 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Obviously, the issue that Maggie runs into is one that almost anyone would run into in her situation, and it’s probably what deserves at least a small amount of consideration here. It’s all about how much you’re allowed to tell someone, and also how much you should tell someone. You are staring right at the intersection of some of what is right for your career, and then also some of what is right for you as a person. That’s not the easiest thing in the world to balance out, but this is precisely the struggle that Maggie is going to face here.

We wouldn’t be too worried about anything here carrying over to the finale, though — FBI is not really the sort of show that operates under that format where there’s a whole lot of carryover, unless it’s a two-parter or there are larger character arcs the writers want to explore. It’s a little bit more about paying off some stuff that’s been at the center of the show for most of the season, including some elements of Maggie’s past.

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What do you want to see in regards to FBI episode 21, and how do you want to see this season start to wrap up? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and check back soon for some more news. (Photo: CBS.)

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