Shadowhunters season 3 finale video: Alec fights to get Magnus back

ShadowhuntersEntering the Shadowhunters season 3 finale on Freeform next week, it’s clear that Alec Lightwood is in a complicated place. While he’s celebrating the fact that he and Magnus are now engaged, he does also have to live with the idea that his fiance may be stuck in Edom for the remainder of his existence. This was his way to ensure that he had the power necessary to thwart Jonathan once and for all, but the downside of that was that he was stuck there. Bringing Magnus back would mean that much of Edom would come back with him, and obviously, that’s problematic.

Yet, none of this is stopping Alec from doing whatever he can to have the man he loves at his side as he prepares for what should hopefully be the wedding of the century.

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In the video sneak peek below from the finale, you can see Maryse doing her best to help make Alec in the midst of his heartache, but what is immediately clear here is that he is not just sitting around and feeling sorry for himself. Instead, he is going to be doing everything that he can in order to make sure that Magnus finds his way back home. This almost feels like one of those race-against-the-impossible phenomenons where you don’t quite think that something is going to happen, but it still finds a way to transpire. It may seem a little bit crazy, but the thing that we’ve come to learn over time here is that little in this world is impossible.

Also, we know that there’s a wedding coming within the second half of the finale, so we don’t even think that Freeform is trying to hide a part of what you are going to see. The question here is not whether or not Magnus will get to return to his great love (he will); instead, it’s more how it happens, and what the end results of this could mean for some of the future. There are potential problems that could arise with Magnus coming back from Edom, and maybe those are some of the things that could arise at the end of the season … or those are some of the things that could be left open as possibilities in the event the show ever did come back for movies or more episodes down the road.

No matter, we have a feeling that the Malec reunion scene, no matter when it happens, will be romantic and like everyone hopes. Then, the wedding will be a fantastic experience all its own and something that will make many a longtime fan of this show quite pleased.

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