The Flash season 5 episode 20 video: Is Nora working with rogues?

XSEntering The Flash season 5 episode 20, we certainly wondered why we were going to see Weather Witch, Brie Larvin, and Rag Doll back on the show. Now, we’ve got a reasonably good idea. The trio is going to be working alongside none other than Nora West-Allen, who is coming back to the present in a far more villainous capacity than ever before.

In the video below, executive producer Todd Helbing lays out the situation entering this upcoming episode, one that we certainly do imagine is going to be incredibly dangerous for Barry and everyone else at STAR Labs. It’s one thing to go after your typical bad-guy meta-human, but it’s another when you’re potentially squaring off against someone you already know. Nora’s been with the team for the bulk of the season but following her pain and desperation, she used the negative speed force to go back to the present and be around her father once more. Since this version of the speed force is a conduit of rage, what this has really meant is that she’s now an embodiment of pain and suffering. This is not the same happy, peaceful Nora who we have seen on The Flash in the past. Instead, it’s someone who has no problem acting out against those who she feels have wronged her in some shape or form. That includes members of her own family.

As for choosing Weather Witch, Brie Larvin, and Rag Doll to be her associates, we do wonder somewhat how Nora came up with that. Did she do some sort of Rogue auditions where you had to call in to appear? It’s interesting getting Larvin back in particular since she hasn’t appeared on the show in a while — something that the video itself also makes clear. Weather Witch has already shown herself to be somewhat similar to Nora, at least in that she’s driven to do potentially-bad things because of her daddy issues.

While the idea of an evil Nora is at least interesting, one of the things you have to be aware of within this episode is that more than likely, this is not going to be a trend that lasts altogether long. We don’t think the writers of this show are out to sever families apart and the idea of it in itself probably would be a little depressing. We think that Barry is also going to need Nora on his side when you think a little bit about what he’s up against by the end of this season — think in terms of Cicada II and then also potentially the Reverse-Flash, provided that Thawne finds a way to escape his current predicament. If we had to guess at present, this character is going to go toe-to-toe with Barry at the end of this season. (Some early details about the finale are certainly also suggesting that.)

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