Law & Order: SVU season 20 episode 22: New Snoop Dogg scene

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You may have heard a thing or two already that Snoop Dogg is appearing on Thursday’s Law & Order: SVU season 20 episode 22, but we’ve got a new sneak peek below with a little more insight about what’s coming.

Specifically, Snoop is going to be play in this episode the part of a rapper accused of assault by a pop star, and a wife another rapper. This is a case that is all about a feud within the music business that spirals and spirals … and given what we know about this show, there may also be a few surprise twists along the way.

In the sneak peek below (via Entertainment Weekly), you can take a look at what Snoop is bringing to the table … but also his character getting arrested on the middle of the street. He doesn’t exactly seem shy about the crime that he’s committed; as a matter of fact, he seems to be fine with owning it in front of everyone. He may actually be lucky that Benson and the rest of SVU ended up arriving when they did, given that otherwise, there could have been a situation here where this guy got gunned down before anything else happened.

It’s actually the risk of danger that could make this one of the more difficult cases that SVU has tackled so far this season. Not only are these people all seemingly dangerous in their own right, but they’re all in the public eye and involved in an industry where there is a tendency for people to become easily obsessive over artists and performers they don’t actually know. It’s the sort of thing that could easily spell out a lot of danger, so you have to hope that SVU has the right protection in place for themselves. They could, after all, get caught in the crossfire.

What else makes this case stand out?

Some of it could be what happens to Fin in this episode, as a family connection is going to make it hard for him to do some of his typical work on this case. When he finds himself taken off, what’s he going to do about it? Is he going to fight back in some way, or will he just accept what he’s been told and recognize that he’s better sitting this one out and coming back to SVU on the other side? If this is a chance to learn more about Ice T’s character, we definitely won’t be angry about that — there aren’t exactly that many opportunities to actually learn about even some of these longtime characters on a series like this. (We feel like we should point out that this season was sorely lacking in the Carisi department.)

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