Big Brother Canada 7 live feed spoilers: Family visits; Veto Ceremony (day 59)

Adam PikeToday in the Big Brother Canada 7 house, we’re seeing something a little different. We were wondering yesterday why the Veto Ceremony was when it was, and we’ve got a pretty good answer for that now. There was a family visit in the house this morning!

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Before going into that, though, let’s touch on the Veto Ceremony if you missed it. Because Adam won the Veto, he of course took himself off of the block while Head of Household Kyra nominated Mark in his place. Mark and Dane will now square off in a battle to stay alive on Thursday, and ultimately, we’re as stunned as anyone with what has happened since.

At first, it felt like a complete and utter slam dunk that we would be seeing Dane leave, given that 1) he is a competition threat and 2) Kyra hated being nominated by him for the bulk of this season. Yet, a shrewd sad-sack act by Dane, coupled with Anthony realizing that Mark is a little sketchy and could try to could with Kyra to the end, is causing him to rethink things — then, Anthony did what he does (puppet Kyra), and now they are starting to rethink things. We are in a situation now where Mark is currently going to leave the game, though we’d caution you that this is Monday. If it took this long for a lot of the players to change their minds once, they could easily do it three more times before the eviction.

As for the family members…

We’ve seen them basically mosey through the house, try slop, and at least get a sense of how some of their loved ones have been living for the better part of the past few days. The players have gotten a chance to watch some of it from the Leon’s Lounge.

So what is actually going on here? As in all seasons of Big Brother Canada, we don’t think that things hare happening for no reason. More than likely, this is going to be a part of some sort of challenge in the future — possibly a memory one for the next Head of Household. If these people were smart, they’d study every single part of it. That’s especially the case for Adam, who is a pretty enormous threat in terms of his challenge ability and already has some jury votes. At the moment, he is by far the biggest threat to win. He’s just got so many comp victories that it’s hard to really deny his argument.

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