The Amazing Race season 31 episode 3 video: A dance in Vietnam

Amazing Race 31Ready for The Amazing Race season 31 episode 3 to arrive on CBS Wednesday night? If you find yourself saying “yes,” maybe our preview can make the wait a little easier!

Below, you can see a video preview from the network for what is coming up in Vietnam, at least as some of the remaining teams try to tackle some obstacles being thrown their way in this country. We know that there is going to be a considerable amount of singing and dancing, as both karaoke and black-light dancing seem to be a big part of the equation. The latter feels almost like a Vietnamese version of what we’ve seen from groups like Light Balance on America’s Got Talent, one where you combine coordination with technology and it is always SO much harder than anyone would think.

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Also, there’s another task that revolves around fishing and prawns, not that we’re anywhere near as excited about that given that watching people fish seems to be just about the least exciting thing that you can see anyone do.

Who’s in danger entering this episode?

We’d say that that at the forefront of that could be Bret & Chris, just because they’ve been a little bit shaky here and there and they aren’t the fast team of the group left. We also wonder how good they’d be at either the dancing or the singing in this episode.

Yet, there is also a big equalizer quality to this upcoming leg in that with these specific tasks, there’s a mental component to it where if you get frustrated or just aren’t particular coordinated, you can easily screw yourself over. There is also of course intangibles like getting lost or getting a bad driver. It feels on paper like a great leg for Team Fun (who love dancing, apparently), Rachel & Elissa, or even Tyler & Korey. Teams that are fast on their feet and also experienced in various tasks on the show should fare well here, since none of these seem to be based specifically on physical strength. It’s about how fast you can pick up a new skill.

(This is where we throw out a suggestion to anyone out there thinking about competing on The Amazing Race down the road — doesn’t it make a whole lot of sense to take a few dance classes beforehand? While it’s probably not going to directly help you, it at least gets you thinking about rhythm and some fundamentals that could prove useful. Dance tasks seem to be almost a given in the modern era of the race.)

What do you want to see when it comes to The Amazing Race season 31 episode 3? Be sure to share in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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