The Blacklist season 6 episode 21 spoilers: An Anna McMahon showdown

The BlacklistCome The Blacklist season 6 episode 21, everything is going to get THAT much more intense with one Anna McMahon. After all, this episode is going to be named after her!

If you want to have an external character who is a sort of Big Bad figure, at the moment it feels reasonably clear that it’s her. This is someone who is a different sort of opponent in that she’s pulling the strings behind the scenes, and she’s a fixture in the highest branch of American government. She’s not your typical Blacklister — she’s working with the President! It all makes us wonder if taking down POTUS himself could be a key part of the end of the season. The story could be fixated more on these characters at the end of this season, especially now that Liz thinks that she knows who Reddington truly is now.

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Below, CarterMatt offers up the official The Blacklist season 6 episode 21 synopsis with some additional news as to what’s coming:

05/10/2019 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) (Friday) : Presidential adviser Anna McMahon (guest star Jennifer Ferrin) faces off with Cooper (Harry Lennix) and the Task Force in a winner-takes-all race to locate the missing dossier containing details of a conspiracy against America. Benito Martinez, Ben Horner and Nathan Darrow also guest star.

The reason why McMahon is such an intimidating threat to the Task Force is because she has the power to try and shut the Task Force down, or at least severely limit it’s power. She’s also someone who could limit Reddington’s ability to carry out what he seems to think is a big part of his overall mission — helping the Task Force. Maybe this is a penance-of-sorts, or if nothing else, this is him clearing the field so that he can have even greater control of the criminal underworld.

The truth here with James Spader’s character though, is that there’s almost always an ulterior motive. There’s typically a wheel turning somewhere in the back of his head that we’re not 100% aware of as of yet, and this could be precisely where we are with him at the moment now. It would certainly be nice to get a greater understanding of his motives before this season concludes, especially if it ties into either Katarina or what is happening on the upcoming seventh season (we are beyond excited that this magic is coming back!). We know that Katarina at least wasn’t dead at the end of “Rassvet,” so we’re now in this odd period that is basically an extended version of Shakespeare’s the Lost Years. Nobody has anything, but you know how important the person is and that they could’ve been up to anything in that time. We just wish we knew if she was alive…

The finale for The Blacklist season 6 is airing on May 17, but until that time know that we are going to have reviews, previews and tons of video theory discussion for you.

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