Lucifer season 4 spoilers: Does Eve make any friends?

LuciferAt this point, it should be reasonably clear to most that Eve is going to have a fairly substantial role on Lucifer season 4. She’s featured prominently in the trailer and in some other promotional material, so this is not just a one or two-episode gig for the character. She’s going to throw a massive wrench into not just Lucifer Morningstar’s life when she returns from his past, but the same for just about everyone else around him. They’re all going to have to contend with this person turning up and not entirely understanding who they are (other than, of course, the Biblical connection) and what it is that she wants.

So is Eve going to form any friends among some of Lucifer’s inner circle? Given that she represents someone taking him away from Chloe Decker, it’s understandable if there is some trepidation towards her. She’s been gone for a long time and it’s pretty hard to know sometimes how that sort of separation can change a person — it can make them better (see: Lucifer) or it can make them worse. Yet, there is at least one character who seems to appreciate Eve’s presence on some level … though it also seems to be someone who doesn’t really know better about some of what she’s done in the past.

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As it turns out, though, there may be at least one person who is fond of Eve … though that may be, in part, because she doesn’t know all of the finer details. In a new interview with TVLine, Aimee Garcia notes that her character Ella will perceive Eve as “just some chick who’s a party girl, who ends up breaking Ella down with her hugs. Yeah, Eve’s a hugger and Ella just, like, melts. She’s like, ‘God, she’s pretty cool.’” Basically, she’s going to enjoy her presence, in part because Eve is bringing some of the best energy possible around her.

So how can anyone convince Ella to feel otherwise without disclosing other details? Maybe they can’t, and it’s best for her if Eve is just a character who flutters in and out of Lucifer’s life. We suppose that it’s possible that she could stick around longer than the fourth season, but based on how many of these arcs go, we’re not too confident in anything.

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