Supergirl season 4 episode 19 video: James Olsen’s heat vision

James OlsenAs it turns out, Supergirl season 4 episode 19 is going to continue to put someone on the path towards superpowers … and that person is one James Olsen.

Earlier this season, James was given the Harun-El as a means to help save his life — and, in doing so, it seems to have given him some additional abilities, as well. In the sneak peek below (via Entertainment Weekly), you can see him waking up from a vision to use his heat vision. Clearly, he does not have any sort of proper control over it at the moment, but this is a man who is on the road to figuring something out when it comes to how to properly channel some of these powers.

If he does, the question that you really have to wonder is what he will do with them. We certainly know that James has some experience fighting out in the field already … though we also recognize that there is a pretty clear difference between tearing through National City as Guardian and then also having powers to actually go that next extra mile. Of course, this is us going ahead and assuming that some of these powers aren’t going to cause James to be mutated in some way where he is now not able to think like himself. We just think that this experiment is still incredibly new and it would be crazy to think that all James has to do moving forward is to celebrate having powers and fighting to help save the world.

Creatively, though, this is a question that is worth asking here — are we starting to get to a point where there are too many good guys? This is an issue that Supergirl perhaps was dealing with at the end of season 3, as well. You’ve got James, Dreamer, Alex, Brainy, and eventually, Kara is going to have a chance to be Supergirl in the way in which she’s been in the past. It’s a little bit unreasonable to think that this is something that is going to go away when Supergirl is in the show’s title.

If you’re going to have this many heroes, you better have a threat on the other side of them that is going to match it in equal measure and give all of the other characters something to fear. This is something that the writers better be thinking about as we navigate the end of this season since otherwise, the balance of power may actually be swaying too much to the good guys. One of the reasons why comic-book stories are so effective is because there is always an underdog element to them where characters are routinely beating the odds.

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