Blue Bloods season 9 episode 21 video: Frank’s latest showdown

Blue Bloods season 9

No matter what is going on within a given episode of Blue Bloods, one thing remains constant: CBS’ interest to try and promote the show using Frank at the center of everything.

Take, for example, the latest short clip below from “Identity.” It’s only ten seconds long, which further cements CBS’ interest as a network in giving you very little to cling to, and also them wanting to inject as many promos as possible into a short span of time after the end of one episode. In this particular clip, you can see Frank going toe-to-toe with someone over them bringing a case involving alleged police assault to his office. He seems to be frustrated with this, mostly because he doesn’t understand the particular agenda that she has. There’s also a question here of whether or not the assault claims are legitimate.

Make no mistake that if these claims are real, Frank’s actions need to be swift — the whole purpose of a police force is to make a community feel safe and ensure that someone has their back in the event that something dangerous transpires. If the cops are dangerous themselves, then they are stoking difficult relationships between the community and other officers who are trying to do their job.

Another question to wonder here is simply this: Is Frank getting into a war with the Justice Coalition? The reason we ponder over that particular question at the moment is simply because that may make things all the more complicated in this episode. Frank’s own granddaughter Nicky may be, within this upcoming episode, doing her part in order to get a job there. We know a thing or two already this season (thanks to Erin) what it’s like having a Reagan that is in direct opposition to her father on some various things. This is just a way in which to create a little bit of added chaos within the world of this show … provided that Nicky even takes the job. There’s not a guarantee of that right now, given that Frank may do his part in order to convince her otherwise. We’ll see precisely what’s happening with that throughout the episode.

What Blue Bloods is NOT promoting at the moment

Alas, we’re not seeing anything in the promo about Jamie visiting Eddie’s father in prison — a slight disappointment, given that this is going to be a critically important part of his story as we move a little closer and closer to the wedding.

What do you want to see when it comes to Blue Bloods season 9 episode 21? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and remember to check back soon for some other insight.

(Photo: CBS.)

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