The Blacklist season 6: Is the Rederina theory now dead?

The Blacklist logoNow that we’ve learned what we’ve learned about Raymond Reddington on The Blacklist season 6, can we officially proclaim that the Rederina theory is officially over and done with?

For the time being, we’re not 100% sure that we can, despite all of the tangible evidence that we’ve now received. All signs point at the moment to Ilya Koslov being secretly Raymond Reddington, especially since most of the events of “Rassvet” are pointing STRONGLY in that direction. Just think about what we know — Ilya transformed into Reddington, with the help of Dr. Hans Koehler, in order to secure the funds from the real Reddington and try to keep Katarina safe at the same time. They established the persona of the real Reddington almost as a form of cover.

The first question that you have to ask here is simple: Is Dom, Katarina’s father and one-time mentor, a reliable narrator? That is something that is clearly worth asking after seeing most of “Rassvet” told mostly from his perspective. We don’t have any reason to explicitly doubt what he told Liz, though you can argue that there were omissions here and there — or that he doesn’t know the full story. This is where we are leaning at the moment.

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The reason why you cannot unequivocally say that Reddington is not Katarina Rostova is that there are these huge gaps of time that you don’t see within the world of the show. We still do not know what happened from the last time Katarina saw Dom until the present day of the show. If Ilya is Reddington, then where is Katarina in the present day? Why hasn’t she been mentioned? It certainly doesn’t seem like she is around, and given what we’ve seen about Ilya, he’d want her in his life to some degree given that this is the real reason why he did all of this in the first place. Unless he just got greedy and dark and his personality changed, we’ve got questions aplenty all about what happened here.

There’s also this to still consider — most of Ilya’s motives seemed to be just based on him wanting to protect Katarina, whereas Reddington’s motives and personality are slightly skewed. We also don’t quite understand why Ilya would be so desperate to keep his identity a secret when, based on everything that we’ve seen, he didn’t do anything to harm Katarina.

Are there major questions to wonder still with the Rederina theory?

We’d argue that there certainly are. Take, for example, how no one has ever detected anything in a medical sense given that Reddington has been arrested on multiple occasions. Also, why would Katarina need to assume this identity if Ilya already had? Also, is this theory almost too easy since it’s been discussed to such a great degree. There is certainly evidence for it in that this is a perfect way for Katarina to be close to her daughter without ever being detected, and that we’ve seen how hard Reddington has worked in order to protect her and also how important Cape May seems to be to the character.

We would argue that the events of “Rassvet” do lower the odds of this theory being true just because we’ve got a new player in the mix; yet, those of you who want to believe in it can still feel like there’s at least a glimmer of hope for something.

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