Outlander season 5 filming: The night shoots continue through week 3

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Week three of filming for Outlander season 5 seems to be in the books and, by and large, it may have been the most challenging yet. Why? Think along the lines of continuing to film in the middle of the night.

In a new post on his Instagram Stories, series star Sam Heughan noted recently the last shot of the week has been filmed, and that at least for him, night shoots were definitely still a thing. We wrote about this a little bit earlier in the week, but obviously, it made a certain degree of sense for them to continue for at least a little while longer. If you’re going through the effort of filming things at night, odds are you aren’t wrapping it up in a single day!

If there is a way to describe week three of filming as a whole, it is by reminding you of the crazy hours the cast and crew are working. Why are they doing this? Well, night shoots are essential for actually replicating … well, night, and the producers of Outlander care enough to actually try to make things authentic. Sure, they could try to replicate this on a soundstage or in front of some sort of green-screen (those do have to be used occasionally for many shows), but a part of what makes this show great is the immersion. You really get some of the darkness and the sparseness of the world at night, and that is replicated and shot beautifully by the show’s production team. You get a real sense of why there could be danger or intrigue lurking around every corner.

We’ve also said this before and we stand by it — very few good things are happening within this world at night, mostly because there are so many reasons why being out in it is not convenient. That’s why we are worried that there’s some trouble coming the Frasers’ way early on this season. Of course, what’s more trouble on top of the mountains of it they’ve got already? They’re already in a position where they have to deal with a target being on Murtagh’s head and beyond that, there are likely going to be facing even more pressure from the British as we continue to move forward to the Revolutionary War. We’re not there quite yet, but we will be.

Were there other headlines throughout the week, as well? Absolutely, and most notably two — the casting of Laura Donnelly (otherwise known as Jenny Fraser Murray) to a new HBO series entitled The Nevers and also the show’s first two seasons turning up next week on Netflix.

What do you want to see during some Outlander night scenes in season 5? Be sure to share in the comments.

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