Criminal Minds season 15 update: The beginning of the end

Criminal MindsWhen it comes to Criminal Minds season 15, we’re at that point where things are starting to get emotional. The show is filming its final season and, beyond just that things are slowly starting to near the end of an era. There are few crime shows out there as dark as this one and nothing else that really compares, so this farewell is one that we are really not looking forward too.

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One thing we do want to note is that today is not the final day of filming. However, this is still a day of big importance to the crew — as executive producer Harry Bring noted in a new post on Twitter (which you can check out below), today is the last tech scout ever for the show. We’re going to be in that place now where almost every day for the remainder of production (and post-production) is the last for some given part of the process. It’s only going to get tougher from here, especially on the viewer end of things when the final season actually does end up airing.

We’ve said this before, but one of the things that we’re really grateful about with CBS announcing the final season in advance is that the production can have an opportunity to have some closure and craft an ending worthy of such an incredible run. Sure, there may have been some times where there was uncertainty and doubt during filming, but there hasn’t been a time when they knew definitively, that this is the end of the road. We’re at that point now. We suppose that in theory, it’s always possible the show could come back down the road — but we’re not counting on that, and we don’t think the cast and crew is either. It’s a beautiful thing to have closure and not many shows ever get that chance to create a wonderful ending that we can all feel good about (well as good as we can feel about the end of a wonderful show like this one).

What do we know about what’s coming up?

There are a few details we know in regards to Criminal Minds season 15, and a number of them do have a thing or two (or three) to do with Spencer Reid. We’re going to be seeing Jane Lynch come back to the show for the first time in a good while as his mother. Meanwhile, we’re also going to be meeting a new love interest, and there’s going to be some sort of resolution when it comes to JJ and Reid’s emotional cliffhanger at the end of season 14.

On the Big Bad front, Everett Lynch from last season is rearing his head once more to preside over what is almost sure to be a chaotic batch of stories. The plan is to make the final season a tad more serialized, meaning that there are going to be all sorts of opportunities in order to see the BAU face off against one of their most dangerous adversaries yet and that’s saying a lot since Mr. Scratch really made everyone’s lives miserable.

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