The Flash season 6: Could Jessica Parker Kennedy return?

Flash season 5 episode 2There are already many different mysteries floating around out there in regards to The Flash season 6, whether it be the presence of Red Death as s possible Big Bad (if the writers decide to go here) and also what in the world is going to be happening with Nora. Can you bring Jessica Parker Kennedy back for another batch of episodes?

The challenge with allowing for more Nora on this show is at this point pretty darn easy to understand: This is a character who is from another timeline and with that, you gotta assume that she would be back in that spot before long. She’s almost the opposite of a traditional villain, who you bring in for a season before moving on to someone else. (Do you call her a Big Good?) It feels like there’s probably an expiration date to Nora’s status as a central part of this show, but we say that without actually thinking about all of the alternatives. There could obviously be another Nora from another Earth who stops by, or there’s another crisis from the future that requires a certain degree of help from her. Or, it’s possible that Barry needs to travel to the future for a longer period of time in order to take care of some sort of issue there.

No matter what’s coming on season 6, what is important to note right now is that the show’s not committing to sending Nora off into the sunset as of right now. Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, the show’s executive producer Todd Helbing as the following to say when it comes to what’s coming back:

“There are a couple of scenarios where you could see Jessica Parker Kennedy come back … There are many, actually.”

There are certainly probably some that we’re not thinking of right now, and that’s another thing to consider.

Does The Flash actually need more Nora?

Here is where you can easily pour in a deluge of different opinions. The advantage to having more of the Nora character at the moment is quite simple — she’s incredibly energetic and she does bring a bit of Barry’s legacy onto the show. It also allows for some more Easter eggs into what happens to some of these characters long after the story in the present is over. (Obviously, we’re not getting another 20 seasons of The Flash in the future.)

However, on the flip side of all of this, you can make the argument that while Nora has introduced a lot of fascinating story elements, it’s also led to fewer minutes of screen time for people like Caitlin, Ralph, and especially Cisco, who has been gone from entire episodes this season. It may be entirely unrelated, but it’s been a shame to see that character pushed aside. There may just be too many series regulars at the moment in general that it’s hard to have a good focus on everybody.

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