Whiskey Cavalier season 1 episode 9 review: Frankie is a true leader

On this week’s episode of Whiskey Cavalier the ABC show explored a situation where Frankie is forced to be in the position of leader when Will is captured during a mission to take down an international organ harvesting operation in Ukraine.

Frankie truly believed that before this incident that she and Will were co-leaders, but is stunned to discover no one else saw it that way. In an attempt to prove everyone, Frankie takes Will and Susan’s advice and tries to show the team that she appreciates everyone’s special skills. However, Frankie being who she is doesn’t succeed at first in this endeavor. With Susan’s guidance (since she and Susan are playing undercover Standish’s bodyguards) Frankie starts to learn more about being a leader. In fact, she surprisingly catches on quickly when she tells Standish that just because she can’t fight doesn’t mean he isn’t useful. The uncharacteristic statement from Frankie gives Standish the confidence to help take down the organ harvest mastermind.

In addition to Frankie trying to prove she’s a capable leader, she also showed more of her vulnerable side. When Will was taken Frankie was the first one to freak out about it. In fact, during a car chase it was Frankie who made the demanding statement that Jai (the driver) can’t lose sight of the car Will was in, and when they did she was the most distraught. It was once again great to see this because while she will never admit it, Frankie cares for Will.

Meanwhile, as Will is help captive the team can still communicate with him thanks to Jai’s devices and Will takes the opportunity to bond with a resistant Jai. Will wants to know everything about him because that’s just the type of person Will is and Jai being the most secretive and unsocial one of the group wants no part of Will’s attempts. Instead, Will talks Jai’s ears off as he informs Jai of every aspect of his life. In the end, Jai gets Will back by bugging his home and waking him up at three o’clock in the morning with Hindi music while narrating his entire life and more to Will.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, the episode was entertaining and comical. We are starting to see how this team works together and the level of respect they have for one another. Moving forward we want to see more vulnerability and conflict for the team, in addition to seeing Ray slowly move into the group.

This article was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO.

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