‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Want to know Captain Hook’s real name?

Captain Hook has been a talking a point for just about every fan out there of “Once Upon a Time,” and we are luckily now able to answer one additional question when it comes to the fame pirate: the subject of his name.

As a part of a new press release that was just released by ABC for episode 2×05 (which is entitled “The Doctor”), it was revealed that the character of Hook played by Colin O’Donoghue (who is now even a series regular) is also going to be known by the rather pirate-ish moniker of Killian Jones. What does this mean to us? That somewhere, somehow, he has a Storybrooke counterpart. The issue at the moment is that we have yet to see him, and he may be either living in a different part of town or arrive there by some other means.

With Regina slowly and surely starting to soften up as a way to win back her son Henry (and to ultimately avoid coming across like her own mother Cora), it is starting to appear as though Hook may actually end up becoming the “big bad.” for the episode that most of the characters fear … and understandably so. We know that the original character from the “Peter Pan” stories was far more fearsome than the one we have seen thus far in Disney movies, and we are sure that producers are going to be looking to put a twist on this character that is at least somewhat darker than what the House of Mouse has already put before us.

What do you think about Hook’s name, and do you think that there really is some sort of room for interpretation here with it?

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