The Blacklist season 6 episode 18 video: Does Liz admit her betrayal?

The BlacklistDuring tonight’s The Blacklist season 6 episode 18, you’re going to see the moment that we’ve all been waiting for since the two-part premiere event. Liz is finally going to admit to Reddington that she is responsible for betraying him. Boom.

This is a big, bold move — there’s no doubt about it, and you can see it play out in the new sneak peek below via TV Guide. At the end of this past episode, Dembe made it clear to Liz that either she admit to Reddington what she did, or he was going to find a way in order to do so instead — after hearing that, apparently she decided that she was better off finding a way to tell him the truth than having it come out some other way — as Hisham Tawfiq told us in our interview with him earlier this week, Reddington’s got a real knack for figuring things out and for Liz’s sake, it’s probably better that she tells him before someone else does or Reddington figures it out for himself, because we all know how that turns out.

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There is obviously another reason for Liz to go ahead and make this information clear to Reddington — the longer that he doesn’t know who betrayed him, the more likely he is to kill other people in his organization just because he suspects they are up to something.

Is Reddington going to view things as so black and white when it comes to loyalty that eventually, he has no one left? Just look at what happened to Mr. Kaplan, or what happened with Smokey and the airplane a little bit earlier this season. Or, what could happen to Dembe once he finds out that he wasn’t exactly forthcoming about knowing who orchestrated him going to prison. We have a hard time foreseeing that Reddington would kill Liz, given that Megan Boone is one of the stars of this show and he’s obviously cared so much about this relationship that he’s done a lot in order to protect it. However, he’s been a little bit less hesitant to take out others who betray him … and he’s going to view Dembe withholding information as a betrayal. For Dembe, the objective following this really has to be just finding a way to keep some of this information from him, if possible. It seems like he could be able to keep him in the dark on this, unless of course Dembe just can’t stand lying to him or Reddington finds the woman who made the phone call to the police and she makes it clear that she already had a conversation with someone who matches Dembe’s characteristics. Yet, if Reddington knows that Liz betrayed him, is he going to bother to seek out more information unless she gives him a reason to?

Friday’s episode is going to be intense — one of the most intense episodes of the entire series. We just hope you’re prepared for whatever sort of craziness could be coming up next.

What do you want to see when it comes to The Blacklist season 6 episode 18? How do you think Reddington will react to this news? Be sure to let us know, and come back tonight for our full reviews of these episodes and also more video coverage. (Photo: NBC.)

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