Game of Thrones season 8 episod 3 photos: Brienne leads the charge

Game of ThronesHBO has unleashed upon us some of the first Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 photos, and these do paint a picture for the Battle of Winterfell coming up.

So, what is this picture precisely? We don’t even think that we have to describe it — this is Brienne at the center of the Battle of Winterfell, preparing to lead the charge against the Army of the Dead. This is the battle of the ages and really, you just have to hope that everyone is prepared for it. You’re facing opponents who can’t be killed via normal means and who you know very little about — we don’t think we have to really say why this is going to be so difficult. It’s the most dangerous battle that we’ve seen any of these characters be a part of and honestly, people are going to die.

At the center of these group of people, most likely, is going to be Brienne. We love Gwendoline Christie’s character, but our feeling at the moment is that she’s basically got everything in her life that she could ever ask for. She’s been crowned an official knight and beyond that, has the utmost respect of everyone around her. Just look at her final scene last week, knighting aside, for proof of that.

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Game of Thrones

Here, what we’ve clearly got is Jon and Daenerys looking on at what could be the battle, but we can’t quite imagine that this is where the two are going to be for some time moving forward. That’s especially true for Jon, a man who has more experience with White Walkers than almost anyone, save for some of the Wildlings. While he and Daenerys have a LOT to suddenly talk about, they’ve got other priorities — and it probably involves the two of them getting atop some dragons and burning a lot of these undead people alive.

Game of Thrones

Finally, here you’ve got some proof that the entire episode is not going to be just watching characters fight White Walkers — there’s at least some conversation happening here! In our mind, Sansa’s one of the lucky ones — on the surface, we’re not sure if we envision her jumping down onto the battlefield. That means that she may have been able to escape the worst of this grueling filming process, which went on for weeks on end — with all of it being difficult night shoots in harsh, rigorous conditions.

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