The Deadwood trailer rode into town and it’s everything we could ever want

Deadwood-Movie-Timothy-OlyphantIt has been a long, long, LONG time since we were in Deadwood with this crazy cast of characters that we miss tremendously, but the Deadwood movie is dropping on HBO on May 31st and it’s giving us a chance to dive into this world once again. Our characters may be a little older, but is anyone any wiser? Maybe Seth (probably not though since he is a bit of a hothead), but outside of him we really don’t want to see too much change and in a practically lawless town there really shouldn’t be… except that in this movie it seems like that will be one of the main plots. Changing Deadwood into something with more structure.

After watching the trailer (which you can take a look at over here since Al is swearing up a storm and we like to keep CarterMatt a little cleaner then Deadwood) the first thing we noticed is that pretty much everyone is back and that excites us greatly! Mr Wu even made the trailer (we love us some Mr. Wu!)! Al is still swearing so much he’s making us blush, Seth is still shaking his head at all the nonsense and trying not to lose his cool and Hearst is still ruining everyone’s good time but is now a Senator. Speaking of Hearst, the trailer reveals that he’s looking to change everything about Deadwood that all of these folks moved here to escape in the first place. He wants more order, more law and more control (he loves his control), but is he really going to be able to get it? Things are changing as we saw with the telephone poles being put up, but how much are the townsfolk really going to lean into what Hearst is trying to force on them? We are loving seeing actor Gerald McRaney back in such a wonderfully despicable role, but it was also a total blast watching him be undead in Santa Clarita Diet and trying to kill Timothy Olyphant. (If you haven’t seen Santa Clarita Diet we highly recommend it!).

The relationship that we have always been the most invested in (and we are sure there are a lot of you out there that feel like us) is the wonderful push and pull of Seth and Al. They haven’t always seen eye to eye (most times they don’t) but we have seen them reluctantly come together for a greater purpose and Hearst has long been a thorn in both of their sides. Their relationship has always been uneasy, but in their own unique ways they both have their own moral compass and sense of justice as they both try to protect Deadwood and what it stands for in their own ways. WE are truly looking forward to seeing these two back in the saddle and facing Hearst once again.

We aren’t going to touch on every character that is back in the trailer (because we are blessed to see pretty much everyone back in action including Jane who we adore!), but for us it’s always been amazing to see how years can pass and Molly Parker looks exactly the same. Does she have a fountain of youth in her backyard or something (if she does we would like access to it please)? We have long been fans of hers (and not just because we are Canadian and so is she), but because the first movie we ever saw her in (and we know that we are dating ourselves a bit here) was the film “Kissed” and she was incredible. The movie is a must see, but be aware that the plot is not for the faint of heart and we will leave it at that. It was a stunning break out performance for her that took on one of the most taboo subjects in the world and still found a way for people to get invested in her character because that’s the magic of Molly Parker. So to say that we were excited to see her back in this trailer would be a vast understatement. She was a really interesting character from start to finish in this series and when we last saw her on the show she was in a really lousy situation. She kicked her laudanum habit and had started a bank (which was all good stuff), but after losing Ellsworth to assassins (and her drug addiction drove them apart before that) she was forced to sell her claim to Hearst or flee town… she sold her claim. Where is she going to fit into this story now? We can’t wait to find out!

This trailer really brought us everything that we wanted to see, all our favorites are back including Hearst being this wonderful foil for everyone. We have waited ten years for this movie and we feel that there are higher expectations for this then pretty much any other revival in recent memory, but if the trailer is any indication then we are in for a wonderful ride back to Deadwood.

Tell us, are you as excited for the Deadwood movie as we are? Do you think Seth and Al are going to find a way to co-exist long enough to take on Hearst once again who is threatening to unravel everything that Deadwood is? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box below. (Photo: HBO)

This article was written by Jessica Carter and you can follow her on Twitter here.

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