Big Brother Canada 7 live feed spoilers: Who won HoH? (day 55)

Big Brother Canada 6 castingFor most of Big Brother Canada 7it’s felt reasonably easy to predict what’s going to happen. The Pretty Boys are going to dominate/do what they do, and then we just have to sit around and watch it.

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Well, how about this for a surprise? Something happened tonight, for a change, that we really didn’t see coming … and it certainly proved itself to be entertaining. For the first time all season long, a plan has gone awry! Kyra has officially won HoH, and they’ve now got the ability to shake up and alter this game in some pretty significant ways. They can split up the Pretty Boys before they get to the final four, which is fun mostly because we get a chance to see them actually campaign against one another. It’s drama that we really haven’t had for the bulk of the season.

So what will Kyra do? If you put yourself in their situation, then you know that they probably aren’t going to nominate Adam just because they’ve been so close to him for the past couple of weeks. We’d wager that Mark and Dane are the likely nominees, but if Kyra was smart, they’d try to get out Anthony at this point. He’s the most obvious threat other than Adam, and he hasn’t even had to be nominated for the bulk of the game. It all really comes down to who Kyra thinks they can win against. Adam’s the biggest threat to win in our eyes just because of his competition dominance, coupled with the fact that he hasn’t made as many people better as Dane (other than maybe Cory).

This is going to be such a weird experience for really the entirely of the next several days, largely because we’ve never really had a situation where someone outside of the dominant group is in power. Because of that, it is so hard in order to properly figure out precisely what Kyra will do. They’ve never had the point of view of power before, and most of their game has largely been about them being in survival mode, basically doing everything that they can in order to stay alive and not leave the game. This should be an experiment, and a fun one as we do inch ever closer to the end of the game.

Hopefully, there’ll be some sort of strategy talk a little bit later — if we’re lucky, Kyra will actually do the cool thing and narrate to us on the live feeds as to precisely what it is that they want to do next.

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