ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2 spoilers: Emily, Victoria ‘bond’ in episode 3 promo

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

Odds are, you have heard this phrase at least once in your life … and it also looks as though you are also going to be hearing it plenty when it comes to next Sunday’s all-new episode or “Revenge.” Following the shocker Sunday night where Victoria decided to come clean to the world that she was still alive, she has to start up her life anew even with the understanding that there are still plenty of people who want her dead. What really makes this interesting? That Emily Thorne is not necessarily one of them.

As a matter of fact, the promo below really does a good job of showing off just how valuable Emily VanCamp’s character perceives the show’s central villain to be. What do we mean exactly? Basically, it’s really just a matter of knowing that Victoria has something that no one else alive does following the apparent death of the White-Hared Man this past episode: information regarding how to get to Emily’s mother. Emily can seek out this information from her, and in return for that, Emily can help to offer her some more safety now from a Grayson family that is alternating being a functional unit and a group of people who all want to kill each other.

Also, this episode also seems to be a return for Barry Sloane to the show, his first, really, since he turned up with Emily in Japan during the premiere. We don’t necessarily know for sure how he is going to fit in to the world of the Hamptons, but we are sure that it will create for all sorts of interesting dynamics.

Do you think Emily and Victoria are actually going to be able to help each other on the road to staying alive?

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