SEAL Team season 2 finale spoilers: Is Bravo Team splitting up?

SEAL TeamWhat should you be worried about entering the SEAL Team season 2 finale? For starters, it’s the season finale — you have to know that some terrible stuff is going to happen. This is the time where a show like this almost kills someone off (and sometimes they actually do it!)… but the threat here could be coming elsewhere. Think Commander Shaw, who we’ve already seen try to lay down the law on Bravo Team. He’s the sort of person who sees Bravo Team in a specific moment and makes sweeping assumptions about them. We saw him interrupt a moment of Levity in the Philippines, and in between that and whatever else he encounters, he may come to some sort of poisoned conclusion that Bravo is just chock full of ruffians or people not altogether concerned with the job … even if it’s actually the complete opposite.

Basically, Shaw’s going to try and split up Bravo at the end of the season. Be afraid of that already.

Is this team dysfunctional at times? Sure, and the tension between Ray and some other members of the team isn’t helping. It’s also not helping that Clay’s been out of commission and they’re a little shorthanded. It feels like Shaw’s going to be coming at the team when they’re at their worst, rather than trying to find a way to come at them when they’re at their best.

For a little more information as to what Jason and Bravo can do to stop this, check out a short SEAL Team season 2 finale tease that CarterMatt has for you below:

Bravo team’s future is on the line when Commander Shaw (Peter Jessop) recommends they be split up, but Jason’s (David Boreanaz) unit has one final mission to prove him wrong in “Never Out Of The Fight.”

At least there’s hope, right? If Jason is able to succeed on this mission, it’s basically going to be his way to prove to Shaw that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This is a mission of determination and one where he can remind the higher-ups — again — just how valuable his team is. You’d think at this point that all of the military would recognize Bravo’s value, but that hasn’t proven to be the case yet. Don’t two seasons’ worth of successful missions matter?

It’s possible that the cliffhanger at the end of this finale is the Team with their future still in the balance … and that could stink since we don’t know if there’s going to be a season 3 just yet. Of course, you can argue that this is still better than a “is this person going to die?” cliffhanger, which is going to be in play still in our mind until we actually watch the finale and breathe a sigh of relief that nothing like that is going down.

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