‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 premiere spoilers: Watch a new sneak peek!

In just six days, “The Walking Dead” is going to be back on AMC, and with that in mind, it seems like the perfect time to share the latest sneak peek from the AMC drama series.

Sadly, those of you who are hoping for some sort of substantial action sequence here are going to instead be more than a little bit disappointed. Why? What we really have here instead is just a planning session all about what Rick and the other remaining survivors are going to do in order to ensure that they do not just end up becoming gum on the bottom of some zombies’ shoes. We have a few lines in here from Glenn and Maggie (otherwise known as our one real glimmer of hope on this show), and we also got the steely look of panic in the eyes of a few people. The truth here is that most of these survivors already know at this point that it is going to be rather difficult for any of them to make it out of here alive, and the issue instead just becomes how to survive for the time being. Rick, meanwhile, has had a little bit more time to understand his fate and what will happen to him if he dies; thanks to that, he really is the ideal leader.

The one thing that does frustrate us about most of the publicity push for this show at the moment is that we simply do not know that much just yet; but hopefully, this will change at some point in the semi-near future.

What do you think about this clip, and whose story are you the most excited to see play out this season?

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