‘Gossip Girl’ season 6 spoilers: Who could be Dan’s new ally?

“Gossip Girl” is hopefully going to present us with some sort of happy ending for some of its characters by the end of season 6; however, you do have to imagine that there are going to be some pretty nasty things that unfold before we get there. We already know that there is going to be plenty of conflict between Serena and Blair, and to go along with that, Dan is now in a position to cause all sorts of trouble for just about everyone he has already been close with.

You likely know already that Blair’s recent ex has decided to write a tell-all book (using real names) with the help of the master of secrets herself in Georgina; however, what you may not know is that, at least according to TV Guide, he is going to have some struggles early on when it comes to finding someone who actually wants to publish the volume. This is going to be a rather tricky thing to do given that there aren’t too many people who really want to deal with this sort of a backlash, but at the end of the day, we have a feeling that he will end up finding someone eventually. After all, there does have to be someone out there who has a pretty vested interest in publishing a book that could damage some other individuals’ lives.

While Dan’s storyline intrigues us, it will be far from the only interesting storyline that plays out over the first few episodes of the show. Expect to see Rufus staying with someone that should raise some eyebrows, and Chuck is going to be in an interesting place trying to balance business with the sudden and shocking return of his father.

Do you think Dan will really go through with getting this book on the market?

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