Richard Madden: Bodyguard season 2 was not originally planned

Bodyguard episode 2

Will there be a Bodyguard season 2? At the moment, there is still not a lot of definite news about this one way or another. All signs point towards it happening, and the ball may be in executive producer Jed Mercurio’s court to craft together the proper next chapter in David Budd’s life. At the moment, he may be very much transfixed on sending people into shock with Line of Duty season 5, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be time for Mercurio to focus on Bodyguard season 2 once the dusts settles.

What is fascinating to learn, is that in the mind of one Richard Madden, he never thought that this project was meant to be anything more than what it was for season 1. Per a new report from Deadline, the actor claims that he “assumed that [the first season] was a beginning, middle, and end,” and that this was meant mostly to be a standalone tale of a PPO who finds himself in a precarious personal and professional position before seeing if there is a way for him to ease his way out of it. Then came the critical acclaim, and also the ratings that made this show one of the most-watched in several years on BBC One.

Now, the actor is making it clear that he is hoping to do another season … but we imagine that ALL of the challenges that were once present within this process are still looming. Think in terms of everything that David Budd went through! Following what happened to Julia Montague and him having to untangle the government crisis in season 1, the man needs a moment to breathe. Beyond all of that, he may also need to escape the public eye for a bit. David is not an ordinary PPO anymore. He is a local-news celebrity and through that, has to deal with and take on many of the pitfalls that anyone would with any element of fame. How do you work again? Who do you protect? Does David now need a bodyguard to be his bodyguard?

One thing that feels a little more assured is that Mercurio is going to take his time to make this story right. If there was pressure for Bodyguard season 2 to happen, then we imagine that there would have been some news that came out about it a long time before now. Since there isn’t, the earliest we can imagine it happening is at some point next year. It wouldn’t exactly be much of a shock if there started to become sort of balancing act with Line of Duty airing one year and then Bodyguard the next. We’re not sure that Madden’s series has the ability to really make it five or six seasons, but at least a few more chapters will give us a little bit of hope that David Budd can move forward … there is just no guarantee that he actually will when you consider the sheer size of some of the demons that he is wrestling with at the moment.

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