SEAL Team season 2 spoilers: Will Jason, Ray reach a breaking point?

SEAL TeamThrough the past several episodes on SEAL Team season 2, it probably feels clear that the relationship between Jason and Ray is on the road to falling apart. While Jason knows better than anyone trying to cope with trauma, there are right and wrong ways to handle it. The right way is to try and talk it out, lean on your loved ones, and also recognize your faults. Also, have patience and don’t expect things to get better within a single day or two.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the sort of stuff that Ray is doing. Instead of leaning on Bravo Team, he’s leaning on total strangers, he’s hitting the bar a lot, he’s hiding away from his own family, and he’s becoming increasingly aloof to be around. It’s becoming harder to trust that he is going to do the right thing in the field and that is something that all of these other characters are having to deal with … and are going to continue to deal with for a while, given that this is a story that has not completely come to a head just yet.

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Speaking in a new interview with TVInsider, series star David Boreanaz suggests that in episode 21 (read a little bit more about it here), you will have more of an ample opportunity to see things for Ray and Jason hit some sort of narrative peak — it’s going to be gut-wrenching, emotional, and just about everything else you would expect:

We’ll find in Episode 21, the one that I directed, that Jason will come to the realization that he should have pulled Ray out maybe a lot sooner. He let Ray try to figure things out on his own. As [Tier 1] Operator, you have to do what’s best for the team and be able to see those pitfalls and pull your team members together.

Because if one’s not working, then the team’s not working. It’s not just two or three. Everybody’s gotta work for the type of job that they do.

He grapples with that and you’ll see how he deals with it.

Since this moment is coming in the penultimate episode of the season, what this means is that you’re going to have an opportunity to explore, however briefly, a little more of what is coming on the other side of it. You’re going to either encounter a potential light at the end of the tunnel or a stone wall that no one can pass through. This may be the sort of situation where it is either/or and there are not too many other opportunities in between. Either Ray finds a way to get himself better and restore himself to the man we knew (or as much of himself that he can get back), or he doesn’t and he has to earn his way back in the long-term. So long as Neil Brown Jr. sticks around the show, we’re happy — though this series just has a way of making us unnerved for the future for all of its different characters.

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