Chicago PD season 6 episode 19 review: Who killed Blair?

Chicago PD season 6Going into Chicago PD season 6 episode 19, NBC had already let it out of the bag that we were going to be losing Burgess’ boyfriend Blair. There was only one other question that needed an answer on the other side of this murder: Who was responsible? Who did this, and more importantly, why did they do this?

While we’ve seen many heart-pounding police investigations with this show before, what made this episode so notable is the mystery aspect of it. This felt like a typical Chicago PD mixed with a classic whodunnit given that the nature of the murder itself was so difficult to resolve. On the surface, it appeared as though Blair’s murder had everything to do with drugs — we’re talking about a guy who was found associating with a known drug dealer, and also had an incident involving drugs with the police early on in his life.

Was it possible that Blair had a double life, and was one part political strategist and another part drug dealer … or worse? That was the fear of Kim Burgess for most of the episode, who was able to keep things together quite well during this investigation. She recognized that her relationship with Blair was rather new and because of that, she was able to compartmentalize what happened. She separated how she felt from the case, though she did find herself defending Blair’s honor — and rightfully so. There wasn’t enough evidence that Blair was killed because of drugs, even if the guy he was talking with at a bar was a reverend/dealer named Dennis. It all felt too flimsy, and that is when the focus shifted over to politics. (The whole “addicted to politics” angle was a little too cheesy for this show, even if we understand the angle that the writers were going at with it.)

Through this part of the investigation, what Burgess (alongside Hank and Intelligence) were able to uncover was truly shocking — as it turns out Blair had discovered that Ray Price’s daughter Jasmine had a romantic past with Dennis, and that during her party days, she and Dennis witnessed a young woman overdose right in front of them at a party, one that was all recorded … including the way in which she handled it. This would have ended the campaign and everything that Price had been building for over the past few months. Yet, it happened, and beyond that, his family was involved in the cover-up.

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Who really killed Blair and Dennis?

What was so interesting is that we’re not sure we ever got a clear answer. Price’s wife confessed to the crimes in front of Voight but in the video confessional itself, Price himself owned up to the murders. He negotiated a plea deal for seven years and everything was handled as carefully and with as much subtlety as possible … but this does mean that the saga of Price as a candidate is over.

This is a tough pill for Voight to swallow given that beyond just supporting him over Kelton in the campaign, Voight and Price were friends … or at least as much a friend as Voight can have. While he doesn’t agree with the murders, we do think that he understood Price wanting to protect his daughter.

The state of things for Burgess

While it’s going to take her a little while to get over what happened with Blair, we do find it curious that the one person who was there to believe in her, even when things were down in the case and it all seemed lost that Blair’s reputation would stay above water, was Ruzek. While this may not be any tangible sign that the two have a romantic future, consider this still a glimmer of hope in the midst of some surrounding darkness and another reminder that with everything that happened, these two still have each other’s backs.

CarterMatt Verdict

Chicago PD season 6 episode 19 was a sensational hour, even if the idea of Price’s family being so connected to a murder case was a little sensationalized itself. Marina Squerciati delivered a performance that was both parts measured and vulnerable, and we got to see a reflective side of her as she wished that she wasn’t planning to end things with Blair before he was killed off. This fundamentally changes the show because of Ray, but maybe it changes her, as well.

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