Gotham series finale trailer: Batman, ‘Harley Quinn,’ and more!

GothamToday, Gotham unveiled its official series finale trailer, and the first thing that we feel upon watching this is just how badly we’re going to miss having some of these to watch. No show on network TV promoted itself in trailer form as well as Gotham, and no show is probably going to cram as much crazy into a series finale as this one is.

Just through the trailer below, you get a good sense of a number of different things. For starters, you get to see how Penguin is coping with years of being locked up, and the sense of vendetta that he now has being back on the town. He’s going to waste little time trying to have some of his vengeance, and there are plenty of other villains roaming the streets. Riddler is ready to do what he does best, Selina Kyle is now a full-fledged Catwoman in a way that she wasn’t before, and that’s without even bringing Jeremiah/The Joker (whatever you want to call him) into the fray.

The new trailer below gives you just a small tease of both “The Joker” and then also Ecco, who is absolutely getting the full Harley Quinn treatment at this point. These two characters are going to inflict a lot of chaos on the city — basically, there’s no better time for Batman to surface than within this episode. For years we’ve seen Bruce Wayne away, training and preparing for this big moment to fully inhabit the Dark Knight. Now, it’s finally going to happen and this city is going to have the hero that it has long needed. Batman is a hero who does thrive sometimes on fear, and also does embrace a very specific code. The show’s not going to have a lot of time to interpret some of that code, but we’re nonetheless thrilled to see what they do.

This episode is going to be thrilling. While the Batman reveal is obviously going to be a big part of it, we’d be foolish to think that it is the only part of this story that’s going to matter. It’s about seeing where everyone within Greater Gotham City is now and how the journey of the past five years have shaped them into the people that they are now. It is also a reminder that despite the best efforts of Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock, this city has always needed a little bit of something more in order to get the job done. They’ve just never had an opportunity to have someone of Batman’s caliber … at least until now. Brace yourself now for some haymakers.

Just in case this trailer is now enough for you…

Remember to visit the link here, as that is where you can see even MORE updates when it comes to this big finale, including why there is a recast for Selina Kyle.

What are you the most excited to see when it comes to the Gotham series finale, and does this trailer ramp up some of that excitement to another level? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: Fox.)

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