‘Homeland’ review: Saul finds [spoiler] … and the world quakes

One of the things that is most admirable about “Homeland,” and what also even makes it frustrating at times, is that you feel as though you are watching a character-driven version of chess. You want to see people make some huge moves in order to alter the course of the game; but instead, you at times see them effectively just shift their pieces around a little bit on the chess board.

What was the latest example of this? Just look at what unfolded throughout most of Sunday night’s new episode. While most of everyone in the situation room managed to be so focused on watching Carrie and Saul’s plan to assassinate Abu Nazir unfold, Brody sent two words (in “May 1”) in a text that saved the man’s life. This comes after there were so many small moves made by those close to him to undermine his own secret identity, whether it be him hilariously being asked to speak in order of American veterans at a fundraiser for his wife to his sole presence in a room full of celebratory folk over the near-death of someone who nearly became his mentor.

As excited as all of this was, and as worthy this would have been for the closing moments of the episode, it was far from its biggest shocker. After Carrie and Saul managed to take down two of Nazir’s closest allies, the last-ditch (and extremely reckless) move by Carrie to extract information from her asset and her husband’s home turned up one of the biggest pieces of evidence against Brody that the CIA has obtained yet: the memory card from last season containing a rather interesting confession from the man who is now a Congressman. Now, the chess game is near breaking point as Saul has to figure out just what to do with this information. There are some who will want to blow the roof off of Brody, and others who will try to bury it. Ultimately, the right answer is probably somewhere in between.

How do you think Saul (who really gets better as a character every week) should handle what he knows now?

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