Madam Secretary season 6: Show EP on Elizabeth – election plan

Madam SecretaryWhile a Madam Secretary season 6 at CBS may not be confirmed just yet, we do know this: The writers and producers behind the scenes want it. It would be a chance to tell a story that would be totally unique to this world: Spending five seasons telling the journey of a character one way, and then getting to upend it for the sake of something totally different. Elizabeth McCord is now running for President, and seeing what this looks like within this particular lens should be exciting. It’s not the cynical campaign show that we’ve got over on Veep — there is an air of idealism through much of what Madam Secretary does, where there aren’t always winners but you at least know that some of the characters are well-intentioned. We do like to think that this means something.

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So ideally, who is the creative team hoping to put an upcoming batch of episodes together? Speaking via Deadline, executive producer Barbara Hall makes a little bit of that clear in terms of some of the stuff she would like to see play out over the course of another season:

I would really like to have a parallel primary race for a while alongside the one that’s happening in the real world and because when we had our election year running alongside the election year and I find that it’s interesting to be able to draft on the political vocabulary that people have because of what’s happening and so that would be a fun challenge to have our … at least part of the primary running along the actual primary and then probably celebrate times so we can get to an election but that’s part of what I think season six would be about and I think it would be fun.

We’re not surprised over the idea that the entire sixth season would end in the election, mostly because there’s no guarantee you get a season 7 and beyond that, watching a show about an election for more than a year would probably get a little bit exhausting. (We fully recognize the irony in saying that, given how long actual elections last.) Would there still be material for a season 7? That really just depends on what the story of Madam Secretary is. You could easily transfer it over to the White House and show what Elizabeth’s life is like there, though we would also argue that having Elizabeth win the Presidency would be a more than appropriate way to tie together the series. That would have her journey feel fairly full-circle to where you are getting a conclusion that feels appropriate and whole.

Hopefully, we shall have more news all about a potential Madam Secretary renewal at some point between now and upfronts in May.

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