Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 preview: The Battle of Winterfell

Game of Thrones
Tonight on Game of Throneswe saw a little bit of the calm. Moving into season 8 episode 3 next week, we’re preparing more for the storm.

Are we going to have the much-anticipated Battle of Winterfell, the thing that has been set up to be one of the biggest, most-dramatic events in television history? That seems to be the case. We know that the White Walker army is basically at Winterfell at this point and through that, we’re going to see these characters do battle in a way in which they haven’t before — think in terms of a dark, grisly, and panoramic battle that will spawn multiple angles and a lengthy period of time.

Also, we know that this battle took an exhaustive amount of time to film and it put basically the entire cast and crew through more strain than perhaps they’ve ever been in before. It’s drawn-out, intense, bloody, and characters are probably going to die.

Who are we the most worried about? Think in terms of people like Jaimie or Brienne, who seem to already have achieved a lot of what they set out to do. Jaime, for example, already has an element of his redemption. Brienne is also now a knight, and she can ride into battle with a title that she never had before. It’s a rag-tag group of people in Westeros now working together; on the other side of this, Cersei can then be dealt with.

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That’s perhaps the biggest surprise — we long felt like the White Walkers were going to be the final Big Bad but instead, it could be Jaime and Tyrion’s sister who awaits at the end alongside her army from the Iron Islands … plus those still loyal to her.

Other things worth noting

This is going to be a much longer episode of Game of Thrones than any other that we’ve seen in the first two weeks. It’s going to be epic, and we’re not even sure that the battle is going to be resolved during it! There still could be something on the other side of this that we still have to watch and anticipate.

Here’s probably the hardest part of this entire thing to digest — we’re almost to the halfway point of the season at this point! It’s going to be hard to deal with, but on the other side of this, we’re going to start getting nostalgic/a tad emotional over the home stretch of it all.

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