Is God Friended Me new tonight on CBS? The story to come

God friended meIs God Friended Me new tonight on CBS? We, of course, know that we would like to dive back into this world with its uplifting stories, memorable characters, and central mystery. That includes whether or not we’re going to have a chance to learn a little bit more about the God Account, the show’s central mystery that you may not ever get an answer to. We’re not even sure that the show needs one.

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Now, we come to the point in this article where we have to hand down the bad news that unfortunately, season 1 is over. With that, you are probably waiting at least a solid five months or so in order to see some of what is coming up next. Note that there is not even any official word yet as to WHEN God Friended Me is coming back; late September is probably the best hope, mostly because this is when most of CBS’ fall series tend to get going.

Now, let’s get to some of what we expect to see when the show DOES come back — we’ve already answered the question for tonight, but why not stick around for some more scoop and discussion? We are, after all, quite happy to provide it! Think of the next phase paragraphs as a guide for what could be coming up next for all three of the show’s most notable characters.

Miles – Is he going to be able to keep his podcast afloat, and continue to do some of his God-Account missions, without Cara around? We don’t think that we can understate her value and while he wanted her to go to Paris to fulfill her dream, it wasn’t easy. We want to see him struggle here and there without her just because that feels like something that would happen in this particular situation. We also wouldn’t be surprised if we see the show shift Miles to Paris to see Cara, even if it’s just for a brief period of time.

Cara – How is she going to handle being away from New York and all of her friends, let alone Miles? We anticipate that this experience writing about Pria, Simon, and Henry’s work is going to dramatically change her. She may still be able to find a way to get closer to Miles again when she’s back, but we don’t expect the two of them to pick up precisely where they left off — it would be hard to expect that from just about anyone.

Rakesh – How is he going to settle back into his job, and without having to look around for evidence that Simon is running the God Account, what else is the focus going to be on with him? It would be fun to see even more of his career path beyond just the account — we think that he’s got the potential to be the next Simon Hayes in his own right, and there could be something fun in watching him continue a journey towards this particular point in life.

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