The Durrells season 4 episode 3 review: Louisa, Spiros, & Dimitra’s story

DurrellsTonight on The Durrells season 4 episode 3, you have a chance to see Louisa in a position of great discomfort. This is what happens when you accidentally invite someone on a trip to see Larry, and that someone is Dimitra. She is Spiros’ wife, who to date has existed mostly off-screen and we haven’t had a chance to actually see her in the flesh.

So what did this lead to over the remainder of the episode? Think in terms of an hour that is geared almost entirely around incredibly awkward moments and Louisa coming to realize that being nice isn’t always the solution for life’s great problems. Instead, it put her in a situation within this episode that she had to find a way to both spend some time and get along with Dimitra, while also mask her feelings for Spiros. All of this was made even worse by the fact that Larry wasn’t even there when they arrived! He instead remains as aloof as ever, seeing the world amidst his quest for larger inspiration.

The Louisa story within this episode was one about trying to find common ground in the midst of difficult circumstances, and also tension in the grandest sense. Dimitra found herself ribbing Spiros at times in front of some of the family and guests, and over time, we started to feel like some of this was intimidation. Maybe she was worried about the friendship he had with Louisa, or maybe just the weirdness of the Durrells in general. The moment those lemurs started walking around the table was the moment we realized that this may not be the right environment for her.

After Dimitra eventually left, the Durrells had to have some conversations about how many animals they actually wanted in the place at the same time — Louisa was right in that public perception of this family would be, more and more, that they are a freakshow. Her own kids told her after the fact, though, that if she plays her cards right, she could still be with him if that marriage falls apart.

So what was happening elsewhere within this episode? There were some disparate stories tonight, given that Margo found herself living elsewhere, trying to figure out more what life was away from her family. We’ve seen a little bit of what life is like for her as a hairdresser, trying to handle the ebb and flow of what life is. Now, she is also trying her hand at being a governess … which we’re not altogether optimistic in at the same time. At least her experience at home has taught her a thing or two about how to fend for herself amidst some tough circumstances!

CarterMatt Verdict

We’re a little torn on the story of The Durrells tonight, mostly due to the fact that we prefer the family in the same sphere rather than so far apart. While we did enjoy some of the antics of Gerry and his animals at Louisa’s awkward sit-down with Spiros, wouldn’t things be better if Larry and Margo were more in the same orbit?

What’s also crazy is that in the midst of Spiros and all of his family drama, somehow the boat explosion within this episode doesn’t feel like that huge of a deal at all. Who would’ve thought?

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