‘Dexter’ review: The Harrison regret

Does “Dexter” at time regret making their lead character into a single father? This is what we wonder sometimes in watching the episodes over the past season and a half. Harrison only seems to be included in the event that there is a story in which he is needed; and otherwise, it’s like Dexter’s not in the kid’s life at all.

It is for this reason above all others that the Harrison flaw dominated our mind while watching what was otherwise an excellent episode Sunday night. We try not to question realism so much with a show that requires us to suspend some belief, but the idea of Jaime Batista taking care of Harrison around the clock doesn’t make that much sense. How could Dexter be that wealthy, and what if she has something else she needs to do? Plus, she has to wonder why the boy’s dad is away from home all of the time, since she knows from her own brother what police hours are like. The kid just makes the story so much harder for the producers at the moment, which is probably why Astor and Cody are completely MIA these days.

This complaint aside, this really was a pretty entertaining hour of television with quite a bit to like. Deb decided to “rehabilitate” her brother by shacking him up at her own, only for him to later escape, anyway, just so he could stir some mayhem up with Louis. In a surprising move, he decided to actually follow the Code and not kill him over all of his harassment, which really just seems to be over Dexter hating his game (as ridiculous as that sounds, and as much as we don’t fully buy it). Instead, Dex followed his new Code with “Deb” and left him on a bench to wake up in the morning. He did not tell Deb why he was out, though, so it is clear he is keeping a certain amount of this to himself.

What makes this season interesting so far is actually not the Russian mob story that is serving as a sideplot, but rather how good of a cop LaGuerta is being. She is already getting some proof that the Bay Harbor Butcher appears to be very much at large, and she can at least claim now that it is either him or a copycat that is out there. How much longer until this leads back to Dexter, and if Deb finds out, will she turn him in? There are so many questions worth asking, but for now, we’ll just settle for seeing what happens next week when Dexter meets a new person who could give him an interesting perspective on life.

What did you think about this episode?

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