The Blacklist season 6 episode 18 video: Does Liz know Reddington’s secret?

The Blacklist logo any seasonDoes Liz Keen know everything in regards to Raymond Reddington’s secret? If you are to watch the new The Blacklist season 6 episode 18 promo, the inclination is going to be to think that she does.

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At the end of the video (which you can see below), Megan Boone’s character makes it clear to Reddington that she knows, apparently, everything when it comes to his identity. But, does she really? This is a situation where we do think it’s fair to raise an eyebrow and wonder if that is actually the case. Is it possible that this is all a bluff on Liz’s part? It’s fair to wonder that for a few different reasons.

For starters, take a look at the fact that she is not even actively searching for clues on Reddington’s identity at the moment. The last that we saw her do that, it was before he almost died via lethal injection. It’s possible the Ressler has done a lot of research and given her the information she previously was looking for, but right now he’s more on the path of Katarina. How is he going to be able to accrue so much information so fast, unless he gets quite possibly the luckiest break of all time?

Beyond just this, you also do need to think about some of the possible motivation that Liz could have to claim to Reddington that she knows everything — leverage. Remember that she’s now feeling the pressure to tell him about the betrayal — mostly courtesy of Dembe. She could try to claim she knows in order to keep the blowback on her from being less severe over the secret … though you could also argue here that Reddington could just kill her before she tells anyone the secret at all.

Liz and Reddington’s dynamic moving into the two episodes on Friday should prove fascinating regardless of what Liz knows or doesn’t actually know — if she finds out this information and their relationship continues, how will it be different? Is there any way that it can be the same?

Creatively, the thing we will say if the secret comes out is that this is as bold a move as we’ve seen the writers for this show take on in quite some time, mostly because it’s them showing that they aren’t exactly afraid in rolling the dice and hoping and revealing a big secret now. If they do this, what it probably means, though, is that there’s a bigger secret coming down the road.

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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