Hawaii Fice-0 season 9 episode 22 video: Noelani’s mafia surgery

Hawaii Five-0Is Friday night’s Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 22 the most emotional one we’ve seen for Noelani for the entire series? You could make a great argument for it. The medical examiner is going to find herself separated from much of the team and forced to perform what is basically mafia surgery, while the rest of the team has to just sit back and watch what happens next.

For Noelani, the best thing that she can do is just try to stay calm and then navigate the situation … and probably also use her brain. She’s probably more than aware that she’s not capable of taking down the bad guys physically. She doesn’t have a weapon, and she’s probably half the size of most of them. What she does have that they don’t, though, is experience. She can rely on all of the skills that she’s picked up in years in the medical profession in order to accurately make sure that she A) stalls and B) tries to distract some of the bad people around her. If she can find a way to either bore them or lure them into a false sense of security, reinforcements may be able to show up.

Obviously, this episode is going to test her, and for us as a viewer, it’s going to be fun to watch all of this unfolds. It’s a shame that we haven’t heard about any further Hawaii Five-0/Magnum PI crossover episodes this season, given that this could’ve actually been a good opportunity for Magnum to try to help out. While he may not be a cop, he and Noelani do have a report since she’s shown up a handful of times over on that show. She’s still going to have a good bit of help, though, courtesy of the fine folks over at Five-0 who will do what they can in order to help her.

While you don’t get a sense of it in this promo, be prepared for this episode to also give you an emotional spotlight for Adam, as well. Think is going to be an episode that creates an even fuller picture of life in Hawaii for several of these characters — one of the best things about this show is that it is so panoramic. While we know that Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan can carry episodes — and they’ll have plenty of chances to do so ahead — it is still nice to see the spotlight shifted over, even temporarily, to some other characters fiercely important to the story. We’re going to get a chance to see unfold in this episode how different characters get out of tight situations … and then also how they recover from them on the other side.

From a writing standpoint, we also think that there’s something exciting about putting Noelani in the toughest corner possible and then seeing whether or not it’s possible for her to crawl her way out of it.

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