Blue Bloods season 9 episode 20 video: Frank takes on a cop killer

Blue Bloods season 9

As we gear up for Blue Bloods season 9 episode 20 on CBS this Friday, the network clearly wants to sell you on another big Frank Reagan story. It is the subject of the new promo, and it revolves around the idea of a cop killer getting parole.

Is there a way in which this could happen? Under the rules of the legal system at present, it feels foolish to rule it out … though it also seems clear that this is something that Frank is going to fight, tooth and nail, in order to stop. At the end of the new promo below, Tom Selleck’s character makes it clear that cop killers are meant to die in prison, in his mind. That more than likely means that he is going to do just about everything within his power to make sure that this person does not end up being released.

Frank has taken on his fair share of intense legal battles before, and this one looks to be no exception. He knows that there are multiple reasons why this man getting out of prison is bad for him. For starters, there’s the idea of him killing a cop again — if you do something this egregious once, there is always a reasonably-good chance that it can be repeated. Beyond just this, though, there is another central component to what you’re going to see here — optics. The message a cop-killer getting out on parole sends to police officers is not a good one, and for Frank, he needs to stand tall and make a big statement here. He needs to show that by no means are these sort of people tolerated and that the NYPD needs to do just about whatever they can in order to keep them from getting out. They’re counting on him to do so.

While Frank may have a hard stance on this episode, it may not matter. Having the title of police commissioner, impressive as it may be, does not guarantee in the slightest that you can get whatever you want.

What else is coming within this episode?

Be prepared for another big episode involving Frank as he goes toe-to-toe with his own daughter Erin over something new that she is trying to push through — a result of some negotiations that she’s done with the Governor. We’ve seen Erin and Frank go at it before since she got her promotion and it feels like she’s the one who has had to make the biggest adjustment. she’s come to realize that Frank is not going to treat her like his daughter within the scope of his job; he won’t be overly harsh to her, but she has to prepare for such battles with him accordingly and with this in mind.

What do you want to see on Blue Bloods season 9 episode 20, based at least on the promo that we’ve got? Be sure to let us know in the comments, and remember that you can check back soon for other scoop.

(Photo: CBS.)

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