NCIS season 16 finale: ‘Alternate Twilight’ title rumors, Ziva implications

NCISWithin this NCIS season 16 finale article, we’re talking episode title rumors — and also precisely what they could mean.

One of the things that we want to point out before we even get knee-deep into this discussion is that we’re speaking theoretically here. Per some sources on the web, the season 16 finale is entitled “Alternate Twilight.” However, this is not 100% confirmed. You can see it in places like IMDb and also Wikipedia, but these are sources that can be easily changed and altered. We’ve seen that with both on a number of difficult occasions, and we haven’t seen any primary sources as of yet confirm this.

So whenever you see “Alternate Twilight,” at least for now, take it with a slight grain of salt that this could either be inaccurate or that the title could be changed.

If this does end up being the title for this episode, though, we cannot state enough how important this could be. This is a mirror title in some ways to “Twilight,” an episode near the end of season 2 that marked the final chapter of Sasha Alexander’s time on the show as Caitlin Todd. The character was killed in this episode, and soon after this, we had the arrival of Cote de Pablo as Ziva David. Why this is so important now is that for the better part of the past two and a half months, NCIS has been building towards something with the Ziva character. We learned during the events of “She” that she is apparently still alive, and more recently, Bishop decided to work out of her old makeshift office. She is keeping Ziva’s secret for the time being, though she did try to fish for information as to what exactly Gibbs knows. (Unless Gibbs played coy with Ellie, he doesn’t know much about it.)

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If “Twilight” marked the end of a character, could “Alternate Twilight” signal a new beginning. Or, could it mark the end of another agent leading to the return of Ziva that way? The connection of this supposed title to another in the show’s history is inescapable, and we’ve argued throughout this entire storyline from “She” onward that everything within this story was presented for a deliberate reason. We don’t think that the writers would’ve gone here unless they had a plan to properly tie things up. There’s no guarantee that it equals Cote coming back to the series, but it does offer up a chance.

Typically, CBS announces many of their episode titles formally via press releases. We’ll keep our eyes peeled on if there’s any validity to this hope — hopefully, “Alternate Twilight” sticks and we can be around to theorize further.

What is assured

We already know that episodes 21 and 22 of season 16 are going to be themed in part around the government crisis and the secret bank account that first kicked off earlier this season. This is one of the biggest long-term storylines of the season; the Ziva mystery is the other. If NCIS does wrap up what’s going on with the bank account and Wynn Crawford in these episodes, it does leave room for other things in the final episodes. Consider this some more food for thought; hopefully, we’ll get some more news on whether or not we can chow down on this soon.

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