Lucifer season 4 video: Take a look back — before looking forward

LuciferWith Lucifer season 4 arriving on Netflix early next month, the streaming service wants to do what it can to get you prepared! Hence, some of what we’ve got for you within the scope of this article.

In the new video below via the show’s official Twitter account, you can see a much-appreciate retrospective of the series so far narrated by star Tom Ellis. In it, you get a perfectly-good sense of Lucifer Morningstar’s journey from his arrival in Los Angeles to where he was at following the season 3 finale, where Chloe saw the Devil Face for the first time. It’s an effective primer to the characters and the world of the show and while it doesn’t focus on every little aspect of the series, it really doesn’t need to.

If you are a brand-new viewer to Lucifer, this video should give you at least enough info to properly understand where things are at the start of season 4 — you meet a number of the characters, whether it be Maze, Amenadiel, Linda, Ella, and even some like Charlotte who are (seemingly) gone from the world now. Meanwhile, you also get some valuable story points. We definitely sttill think that there’s some value in going back and sinking your teeth into past episodes, but that’s just as much for entertainment as it is context. Don’t you want to spend your holiday weekend doing something fun? (We do think that it’s perfectly appropriate that Netflix chose to release this new teaser on Good Friday.)

For returning viewers, consider this video just a nice little refresher — it has been close to a year since season 3 first aired on Fox and unless you’ve gone back and re-watched some old episodes, it’s perfectly understandable if you a few details are a little sketchy in your mind. This is a way to refresh, enjoy, and prepare for an epic batch of episodes coming.

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What we know lies ahead

Obviously, early on in season 4, Lucifer is going to have to deal with some of the difficult aftermaths of the finale. There’s also another issue in the arrival of Father Kenley (Graham McTavish) to this universe, someone who seems like they could be a potential Big Bad. Then, there are also some questions swirling over the role of Eve (Inbar Lavi) in this story. She’s got a very clear past with Lucifer, but what does she want in the present? At this point in history, it’s obvious that Lucifer has changed … but it’s also very well possible that she could bring some of the old Devil out of him and shake up the entire world as we know it.

For some other updates on Lucifer…

Why not go back and watch the first season 4 teaser over at the link here? Even though it may not have anything in the way of new scoop, it’s certainly still going to get you hyped up for some of what is coming up on the show next.

What are you the most interested in seeing in regards to Lucifer season 4 on Netflix? Be sure to share some of your early thoughts and expectations now in the comments. Also, stay tuned for some further information on the show and its future. (Photo: Netflix.)

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