ABC’s ‘Revenge’ review: Meet Gordon Murphy

Now that the wheels are in motion on “Revenge,” Sunday night’s episode really managed to pack all sorts of punches into a very short run time, whether it be via pregnancy test results, Nolan hiring a new CFO, and Emily playing accessory to all sorts of stories across the board.

The results are in… – It was even more dramatic than an episode of “Maury,” and we now know the truth about Amanda’s baby; sadly, we wish that we could say the same thing for Jack.

Amanda told her new boyfriend that the baby that she is expecting is his based on the pregnancy test results that she received. The problem? It’s really not his, and Emily had just fudged the test results for her benefit.

Family reunion – It did not take very long at all for the entire Grayson family to realize that Victoria was alive, and it turns out that they may actually have a pretty interesting shared goal: figuring out what to do about the White-Haired Man. Conrad blamed his for everything, and Victoria does know that he is trouble. This also made it on the news shortly afterwards, and the statement on the news was that she had been “kidnapped.”

Emily’s even bigger move – As shocking as it was to see the Grayson family come together for a common purpose, it was even more shocking to see her working with the White-Haired Man with a purpose of her own: to find out more information about what happened to her mother. Gordon Murphy (as the WHM is otherwise known) had basically taken her mother away many years ago, but he was not so willing to do the same with Emily. Just as she was about to be sliced in the neck, however, a welcome gunshot in the back of his head may have saved her life and ended his.

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