Bosch season 6 premiere date hopes: When will it return to Amazon?

BoschWhen will the Bosch season 6 premiere date be over on Amazon? Within this piece, we’re beginning our investigation … and rest assured, there are no spoilers within.

(If you do want spoilers, mind you, we’ve got all sorts of good stuff over at the link here — we’re reviewing season 5 all day long!)

The great news is that you don’t have to worry all that much about season 6 at present, as the fine folks over at Amazon have already gone ahead and thrown this show a bone — it’s officially coming back for another batch of episodes already! The larger question that you have to wonder about now is simply when it will be back.

Of course, we’re currently in the “far too early” category when it comes to how long it’s going to be for us to get actual news on the premiere date. There’s no real reason to hurry! Why would Amazon ever want to hurry things along when it comes to this? Bosch is one of those shows that is the perfect annual institution for them — it seems to generate great numbers for them, and it’s one of those shows that’s established enough that they don’t have to drop the world’s largest marketing campaign to convince people to watch. It’s a win-win show in that viewers seem to be happy, and they’re obviously pleased with it as a streaming service.

At the moment, it does seem as though Amazon’s got a pretty-keen strategy for what works for them with Bosch, and we don’t anticipate them opting to change that up at all in the near future. Every single season has released in either February, March, or April, so we don’t think there’s a reason to change that. Be prepared for yet another April launch for season 6.

Could season 6 be the final season?

Given that Amazon doesn’t really have any scripted series that have a longer life than this one, it’s really hard to even track just how long they want some of their shows to last — we haven’t heard any official word just yet on if it will be the last, but we like to think that there could at least be one more coming.

No matter if season 6 is the final season or not, one thing we do hope is that Amazon really does take the time and acknowledge what this show means for them. Bosch was there for them at a time when very few other shows were. This was a beacon of hope for them at a time when they didn’t have a whole lot else, and we think that it shined a light for them on what some of their original programming could be. Seven seasons would be ideal for a minimum length to this show’s run … though we wouldn’t exactly turn our nose up at any beyond that. The longer you have a chance to tell these stories, the better off it will be for viewers … and also for future Amazon shows. More seasons = more evidence that Amazon has its shows’ back. If season 6 does turn out to be the end, we really just hope that there’s an attempt to give it a proper ending and it’s not just something tacked-together or even worse.

When do you want to see Bosch season 6 premiere on Amazon? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and stay tuned for some other news. (Photo: Amazon.)

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