‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: The saddest episode title ever?

Sometimes, episode titles can be a little bit misleading, but at the same time present us with what is at least a partial fragment of the truth. Want one great example? Just look back at the title for the season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” this season, which was “Going, Going, Gone.”  This was a true reflection of Mark’s emotional state in the days leading up to his death, but it turned out to not be so much of an omen for Arizona, who many believed was also going to be biting the dust as a result of her injuries in the plane crash.

Now, we have some rather frightening details about the fifth episode of the season of a similar regard. According to a report from SpoilerTV, the title we are looking at here for the November 1 installment is “Beautiful Doom.” What does this mean exactly? We are not quite sure, but there are a few other details that we can let you in on here: the episode before this one is going to be the rather humor-centric installment directed by cast member Kevin McKidd, while this one will be the much-discussed hour that is really going to be planting the focus on Meredith and her friendship with Cristina. This hour has been described as one of the most emotional of the series’ entire run, as we hopefully are going to see these characters go on a journey that better represents some of what they have been through as of late. Really, you can’t deny that there has been pain: there was Owen’s cheating, the death of Lexie, and now the fact that these two are working at separate hospitals. None of this has been fully dealt with yet. There is a part of us that hopes this episode will bring Cristina back to Seattle Grace, but it’s hard to say whether or not that is going to happen.

What do you think about this title, and do you think that the word “beautiful” or the word “doom” is more important here?

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