‘Private Practice’ season 6 spoilers: Are Addison and Jake in trouble?

It was only two episodes ago that we first saw Jake and Addison get together on the season premiere of “Private Practice”; so with that in mind, why on earth would Shonda Rhimes want to tear them apart already? To give you a frank answer, she probably does not want to, but the preview for Tuesday night’s new episode of the hit ABC show does still certainly come across as more than a little bit dramatic.

Following the revelation from last week’s episode that Mark died as a result of his injuries from the plane crash up in Seattle, Addison is still going to be coming to terms with what happened. We didn’t really get the opportunity to “deal” with the emotions that came as a result of it, and now is going to be the time for some personal healing. However, this does not mean that the process of getting better is going to be easy. Jake and Addison are going to have some pretty intense conversations about her past, and this at the end of the day will lead to a pretty interesting question: is she someone that he really wants to be with?

Hopefully, this will be one of the last major insecurities that Addison runs into before this show as a whole comes to a close, if for no other reason than that there only are around ten episodes left before we are going to see Addison ride off into the sunset. Translation? There is only so many more other stories to explore, and we don’t want to see her in her closing minutes still wondering whether or not she is going to make it with someone. Instead, we just want to see her happy in that aspect of her life.

Do you think Jake and Addison will go the distance?

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